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The first beer restaurant in Belarus is interesting for three reasons. The first, this is a restaurant and a brewery where 6 brands of live beer are brewed. The second, Rakovsky Brovar is located in the historic center of Minsk, Rakovsky suburb. And the third, it serves traditional national cuisine, as well as European classics. Therefore, Belarusians find it tasty, and the tourists find it also exciting.


Location. The restaurant was opened in 1997 in Rakovsky suburb, in a building constructed in 1882. It takes a few minutes of walk from Nemiga metro station and Frunzenskaya metro station.
Halls. Beer, Hunting and Sports halls are located on the first floor, Belarusian and Viennese, Balcony and Bear halls are located on the second floor. In addition, during warm months guests can sit on the summer terrace in the yard or at the top.
Brewery. Rakovsky Brovar has its own brewery. Moreover guests of the restaurant can see its operation from the first and the second floors.
Interiors and atmosphere. There are a lot of light and space, a lot of wood and hunting trophies. Each hall has its main theme, so you can choose the one that is closer in spirit. In addition to a delicious and satisfying meals, entertainment programs with live music are held every day after 8 p.m. in Rakovsky Brovar.

Kitchen and beer

Beer. Live, i.e. freshly cooked, unfiltered barley beer is a zest and the main specialization of Rakovsky Brovar. The restaurant’s menu contains 6 brands of beer.
Food. Rakovsky Brovar’s menu is focused on dishes of Belarusian and European cuisine. Those who prefer classics can enjoy traditional recipes, those who wish to try something special can try hunting recipes. During warm months, meals are prepared over an open fire. Both foreigners and Belarusians prefer to order a roasted ham hock and machanka with potato pancakes. The dinner menu is updated every week.
Banquet. Up to 250 people can gather at a banquet in Rakovsky Brovar. If it is a buffet, then even up to 550 people. As agreed with the client, any options of table repositioning and decoration of the hall are possible. There is a place for dancing too.

By the way, At Francisk’s café, another Minsk venue with a history, belongs to the owners of Rakovsky Brovar.

We visited this place a few days ago and we liked everything on the whole. Nice atmosphere and good food. I’d like to thank especially Aleksandra, a very nice girl, for prompt service and returning the forgotten thing) We have good impressi
We visited this place with my sister and were completely satisfied! Beer was very delicious, as well as the food; the atmosphere – fabulous, interior - glamorous, the service – of the highest grade! Thanks to the Director for the excellent
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